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Premium Metal Mesh Screen Pipe

Premium metal mesh screen is a downhole sand control screen pipe extensively used in oil wells, gas wells and water wells completion.

Premium Metal Mesh Screen Pipe for Downhole Sand Control and Gravel Pack


Premium metal mesh screen pipe is composed of shroud, filtration layers, guide layers, support layers, perforated/slotted basepipe and welding rings.

Premium Metal Mesh Screen

Function of Each Part:

Shroud is used to protect filtration layer from external impact and guide the fluid direction to avoid direct erosion to it.

Guide layer is to separate the two filtration layers and guide the fluid evenly to overall filtration layers.

Filtration layer is key part with the accurate filtration mesh;

Internal support layer is to support filtration layer and distribute fluid evenly.


High reliability and large effective flow area;

High permeability

Strong resistance to deformation and easy access to the well;

Filtration size from 70μm to 350μm.

Resistant to acid and alkali corrosion

Premium Mesh Screen Pipe 7 inch

 Dongying Mingde Petroleum Technology Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer for downhole sand control screen pipes, including slotted liner, perforated liner, wire wrapped screen pipe (conventional type, non-welded type and direct wrap screen), premium metal screen pipe. The well completion department will provide one stop solution including sand control program propose, downhole sand control screen selction, sand control tools assembly and site engineering. Any further inquiry, you are free to contact Dongying Mingde Petroleum Technology Co., Ltd.


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