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The Plasma Slotted Liner Successfully Applied at Yongjin
Dongying Mingde Petroleum Technology Co.,Ltd   2012-10-28 14:41:51 作者:SystemMaster 来源: 文字大小:[][][]
It is reported that the Plasma Slotted Liner of Dongying Mingde has been applied successfully in well #Y-P1 at Block Yongjin, North Xinjiang province.  Such successful application has marked that Mingde’s plasma slotted liner is quite adoptable to the reservoir under complicated environment, which has deep reservoir, high temperature, high pressure, and with serious sand production issues.
This well #Y-P1 once had a number of problems since its construction starting in July 2007.  The well was completed on Sept. 26, 2009 with depth 6,162 meters and the horizontal section length is 453 meters.  Considering such complicated formation environment, Shengli Oilfield Administration Bureau designated Mingde to manufacture and supply the plasma slotted liner  (OD 4-1/2", slot width 0.15mm) for the well’s completion program.  After receipt of the purchase order, all Mingde employee worked hard and overcame the difficulty of limited production time and high-demanding machining, and eventually had successful production accomplishment of this 460 meters plasma slotted liner and delivered to the well site in two days advance of the schedule, which is highly recognized by the management of Shengli Oilfield Administration Bureau.
This successful case of well completion makes a milestone in plasma slotted liner application history and proves that the plasma slotted liner is the best choice for well completion under complicated environment.    
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